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These 6 Types You must have in your “CONTACTS module”

These 6 Types You must have in your “CONTACTS module”

If you thought that your contact list as Real Estate Agent should have only your Potential, current and past buyers and Sellers only, you are completely wrong!

Besides being Tech Enabled Broker, you also need to use the technology to it’s full potential. There are many factors to this and Contacts is just one of them. Lots of blogs tell you what you can do with “Contacts” feature in your CRM software but here is my viewpoint on what kind of contacts must you have.

  1. Professional Photographers, 3d Modelling professionals, Drone Video makers
    While you might be dealing in all sizes and kinds of properties, some of them can be Large or Luxurious. To beat the competition, you need to present these properties in the most effective way. Your client may not necessarily have done Pro-shoot or Pro-Video and may not have time for that. You can refer these professionals from your “Contact” List. Give business opportunity to them and build a stronger relationship with your clients as well as these professionals. One more effective way to get referrals from people and create unforgettable impression.
  2. Handyman, Mason, Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Building Material suppliers…
    Always keep “Contacts’ of these professionals, especially tried, tested and reliable ones. Your client doesn’t require these services very often thus it might be hard for them to find a right one when required. Even before putting up property before sale or before moving in, help your customers with these referrals and give value added service.
  3. Packing and Moving Services
    One more Service provider required to be kept handy in your “Contact” database. You don’t know your seller or buyer might be looking some reliable service.
  4. Mortgage Loan Manager, bankers, lenders
    Well, people can find this easily but still they won’t be sure if they have found the best option for themselves. Also the buyer might not qualify for the “Best Rate Deal” available online based on his or her financial status and history. A personal touch and right connection in this case would be a really important deal making element.
  5. Attorney or Lawyer, Notary
    Here you may or may not have your in house attorney/lawyer and a client should have hired one at a very early stage. Still it may be required at any point of time. You should always keep a few reputed attorneys in your “Contact” list to offer your clients to choose from. Again, your client may not be aware of what documents are required to complete the deal and which documents from the list are required to be notarised. Always keep a few Notary contacts handy.
  6. Other Agents and Brokers
    Instead of perceiving them as competition, you need to collaborate. You are not going to be a sole mediator in every deal, in fact never in majority of the deals. Keeping their contacts will make it easy to get in touch with them and accelerate the deal closing process.

Having contacts other than buyers and sellers will not only make you feel more confident but using them for your buyers and sellers will make you feel happy also. Take full advantage of your resources and stay ahead of the competition. Good Luck!


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