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These 6 suggestion You must give to your Sellers

These 6 suggestion You must give to your Sellers

Don’t miss to present these important suggestion to your sellers that will increase your chances to close a deal and also save your time.

  1. Competitive Pricing: You must suggest and convince your seller to keep a competitive pricing for their “Property for Sale”. It is not their job. You as an agent have this experience and information about the right price for listing the property. Overpriced property will not sell and will take your clients to someone else to get convinced by.
  2. Be a Good Listener: Always listen everything what your seller want to say. For you it may be just another property on the same block but for your client it is their home with memories attached. This makes every property different from another. They always have something to say what makes their property special. Don’t treat it like an Object with specifications and photographs. This will make a difference in describing the property well, give right solution for your selling clients and help you find a best match.
  3. Optimal Property Presentation: This is the what every agent should suggest to their client. After listening everything about and auditing every corner of the property, you must suggest the scope of improvement to make the property look best. Photographing the property should also be followed after this.

    You also need to keep Contacts of reliable handymen, electricians, carpenters, plumbers and more in your database readily available. This would be helpful and will add value to your services
  4. Good Photography: No need to explain importance of this, but make sure you take advantage of technology. Depending on your property Type, don’t hesitate to use 3D photography or even Drone Video. You must have heard of these. Make it desirable for them, they will buy it.
  5. Facts about you: Yes, you need to show them your credentials, reviews on various sites, Client feedback about you. They should check this with all options other than you, they are exploring. Tell them about the successful sales you had in their area earlier. Even you should have some interesting stories to share from your experiences. Leave your client with no reason to say no to you.
  6. Realistic Time Period: Give realistic timeframe for selling the property. Explain them what efforts you are putting in each property to sell. Show them the market figures and make them understand. This is not so tough part as it seems but it’s important. They need to understand that you are not selling the only property of their’s and it’s not a day’s job. You are always available, whenever needed.

With right pricing, photographs, descriptions, listings and complete documents a deal will close faster.

This is not a belief but the truth. Wish you happy selling with happy clients.


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