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Why integrate website with CRM: A case study of realtor’s business

Why integrate website with CRM: A case study of realtor’s business

At RealtyShine, we understand that your company data is one of the most valuable assets that you can never put at risk.

However, data spread over multiple disconnected systems doesn’t help up to the extent needed. This is the reason, why clients of RealtyShine prefer to use our Property CRM to store and manage business data – all in a single system.

With website integrated to realtors’ CRM, agents take their business along wherever they go. Most important reward is that double data entry is eliminated. And benefits of it are wonderful.

Let us have a look at case study of one of our clients that represents an excellent example of seamless integration between website and CRM.

Edelweiss.Re are a real estate company in Italy that focuses on complete range of services from property research and architecture to interior design, especially in mountainous area of the Dolomites.

Their previous website was dull in look and feel as well as from functionalities perspective too. It was static and performed fewer functions.

Edelweiss.Re wanted to redesign website to bring brand new responsiveness and engaging user experience.

In digital partnership with RealtyShine, they converted existing site into interactive web portal which is well integrated with CRM software.

Now, as visitors register their inquires through website to find any type of properties they are looking for – in a specific region, relevant listings are fetched from CRM database to present on website to that user.

Also, RealtyShine’s world class and context/industry specific property CRM allows brokers to send automatic e-mail replies to their prospects with actual photos of land and building.

New site generated twice number of leads than its older version in the first month of its launch itself.

You can look at advance filter facilities that we implemented via back end SQL queries on this site at this URL


At some point of time, Edelweiss.Re’s website had reached its life expectancy and keeping it in its current situation was defeating to their business growth many competitors chasing the deals altogether.

After close consultation with RealtyShine, owners at Edelweiss.Re came up with the following tangible findings and goals that proved relaunch as significant initiative:

  • Extravagant time was absorbed in processing leads
  • Lead scoring facility was lacking which is now-a-days must-have feature
  • Re-touching for old style branding and materials – like images, font styles, logo etc. had become essential and could not be prolonged
  • Internal technology working behind their in-house system to track leads and keep records of existing clients had been obsolete
  • Main objective was to drive significant increase in number of leads via medium of website by increasing its hype
  • With introduction of many new handheld devices, reaching out to new audiences through responsive mobile web app that does not sacrifice interface functionalities in smaller screen is imperative
  • Owners and employees at Edelweiss.Re were in search for a proficient team that can develop mature solution which allows to manage business process rather developing solicit digital marketing purpose product


Considering the above challenges, RealtyShine provided Edelweiss.Re with exactly what they needed:

  • Tight integration of Property CRM with multimedia rich website that delivers winning/converting User Experience
  • Automated process of Edelweiss.Re using workflows and custom screens by deploying JavaScript(JS) methods
  • Brand distillation through content strategy, relevant keywords targeting, SEO and storytelling
  • Our technical resources coded responsive, cross-device user interfaces from mobile to large desktops with consistent focus on UX
  • Numerous plugins on top of flexible CRM platform that connect the system to popular marketplaces through pre-built APIs
  • Our property CRM is an integrated system that enables tracking of web activities and analytics, this gets you tight control over opportunities and does not allow to miss any opportunity

Back end Functionalities

RealtyShine’s CRM is not solely customer relationship management software. It is a digital environment that is portable enough so that you can operate any aspect of your business from wherever you are in the world. Since this text is about website & CRM integration, we are not covering exaggerated discovery on features of CRM.

Below are remunerations that you, as an agent achieve by possessing CRM cum website system

  • Create CRM records directly from the website using contact forms and sign up information
  • Track user search queries, such as typed phrases in google to find your business
  • Launch E-Mail campaigns from within CRM
  • Although two applications are combined from technical viewpoint, it acts as single entity and throws reminders and notifications set by you on both – website and mobile app.
  • Know saved properties by future clients / prospects
  • Track incoming and re-visiting leads

Reasons for the integration

Edelweiss.Re had several reasons to integrate Property CRM with their website instead developing singleton web presence.

  • Increase sales-ready themes with nice website ambience and easier ways of navigation to search for amenities within their budget
  • Generate lead intelligence: understanding behaviour of visitor after coming on site is much more needed in order to score leads
  • In many cases, ability to save calls come at rescue, and it is built-in feature in our CRM package
  • Automation of the follow-up
  • Implement customized auto-responses in accordance with type of inquiry generated to prevent leads slipping through the cracks
  • To know how well each category of leads are converting


  • the most powerful

  • comprehensive, and

  • reliable

software solutions can fall short of success without an intuitive design and elegantly written code files.

RealtyShine CRM helps you walk that extra mile.



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