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Elaborately execute property transactions and manage post-sale details in verbose manner

Elaborately execute property transactions and  manage post-sale details in verbose manner

“In Malta, North Africa, over € 2 billion worth of property transacted in 2015.

Are you still taking time to follow property transactions manually?

With RealtyShine’s transaction management system, you can achieve

  • greater productivity and
  • speed up documentation process

when selling or buying any kind of amenity.

With ever growing competition and increase in demanding customers, things now-a-days are NOT easy for the real estate sector professionals (Developers, Brokerage / Agency) as they used to be.

Realtors have to follow the rules and regulations set by NAR(National Association of Realtors) of the country they live in and follow the code of conduct strictly while finalizing deals for land and buildings.

For a broker, it is vital to have access to transactions, documents and tasks 24×7.

And transaction processing requires diversified details before it can be completed successfully.

Construction industry’s transaction is NOT so uncomprehensive that consists of payments information alone.

To avoid recalling again and again, and to relieve brain from stress, RealtyShine’s fully web enabled real estate CRM allows an agent to organize and store things like

  • each negotiation per se occurred with client
  • actions undertaken datewise
  • documents collection/scans upload
  • import/Export legal forms’ copies(.pdf, .doc) to apply within due dates
  • internal business tracking information like

e.g. agent assigned

All-in-all, your transaction procedure is streamlined.

With secure and portable system in place, broker/agent can grow his business effectively.

RealtyShine CRM is synonymous to a virtual, paperless office providing document storage in a Cloud computing environment or on your computer hard disk.


Below screen shows you features which accomplish these:


For a real estate agent,
right from 1st call of inquiry or portal visit of a prospect to
last installment disbursement by customer,
versatile options are available
to notedown and filter important pieces of information .

No more time wasting for searching. No fear of loss of any bit of data.


As highlighted in screenshot, broker gets grip and control over the entire lifecycle of the deal, with separate User Interfaces for

  • purchase orders
  • projects
  • campaigns
  • ticketwise lookup


What you can do:

  • Employ sub brokers and measure their performance
  • Single out shortlisted landmarks so as you then undertake follow-up
    as opposed to
    1st level conversation
  • Know from which city/area this prospect came from
  • See who opened your mail
  • Look into specific payment receipt number given to particular client
  • Avail limitless automation

To discover how RealtyShine’s Property Management Software can improve the way you manage

  • landlords
  • tenants
  • bills and invoices
  • rent roll portfolio, and
  • promote your property management expertise,
    call us on +1 630 861 8263 for a demo.

The best businesses in the world are built on relationships and scalable process, RealtyShine’s CRM platform gets you both, and helps you
–   connect
–   scale, &
–   flourish
existing as well as new contacts.




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