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Way to determine a good tenant from a bad tenant

Way to determine a good tenant from a bad tenant

88% of the property managers surveyed increased their rental rates over the past year.”

Most landlords have faced tenants who do NOT pay on time or in complete.

And that is one of aches of having rental properties.

Many people have become so frustrated by having bad experiences from wicked tenants that they simply sold their hard earned amenities.

No matter the squabble, you do not have to get rid of your property if you have immodest renters who are not living up to their commitment.

“Many novice real estate investors soon quit the profession and invest in a well-diversified portfolio of bonds.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

You simply need to learn some tactics to help protect your interests, like collection of overdue, cessation of contract to reduce losses etc.

Finding right tenants for any kind of property you manage can be challenging as it requires patience, it takes time and most importantly, you need identifying skills which work upto level of  extent.

Let us know 5 signs differentiating between a good and bad tenant.


Indicator #1: Good Applicant is never reluctant to fill out applications

Beware of applicants refusing to deliver required information needed to complete the legal forms.

This challenge often arises when dealing with anyone in your relatives or circle.

Beware of such people, full chances are that they can be your worst renters. They may end up with arguments for why rent is not dispatched on time, for months.

Or you have to convince the self that you are ready for some charity.

The best thing you can do to convince someone close to you is to edify them on mandatory requirements – as per the government legislation’s.

You can tell that every renter is treated equally.


Indicator #2: Good Applicant is NOT a frequent mover

Be on guard against frequent movers as they rarely show symptoms of staying at one place for 1 year at the minimum.

Find out how many collocations applicant has moved within the last two years.

If so, it is justifiable to avoid considering them.

The reason is that they frequently break the lease agreements, and you have to start searching for another if same happens with you.

“Setting rent prices too low could mean that you’re struggling to make a profit or break even each month.”


Indicator #3: Good tenant does NOT mind to tell about their Credit History

You must have met individuals who are refusing to show their credit details when asked.

There are even more awkward situations when they yell at you, that you asked him for this document.

Ideally anyone who has the capacity to pay their rent does not need to hide relevant information.

Bad applicant, not in potential to pay monthly checks, is more about revealing personal information as opposed to professional article.

In conclusion, do NOT allow such applicants to be your tenants from whom you cannot pull out job/business related basic information, names of past renters and payment delivery bills possibly in a receipt format or via bank transactions.


Indicator #4: Are you finding Applicant in an unusual hurry to move in?

Regardless of vacant room and spaces, you have to understand that process of screening the applications takes its time and should NOT be avoided even for a slight.

Be cautious when considering applicants trying to get settled before passing the necessary stages of procedure.

Think rationally, and the hurry may be due to that they are facing an ejectment from their previous apartment.

It is not that difficult, and you’re sure to find the right tenant for your property, but you should not finalize with verbal agreements.


Indicator # 5: Will the Tenant keep your Apartment clean and crystalline?

“Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies found that 27% of renters have severely housing cost burdened.”

Although, it is quite abstractive to gauge level of primeness a renter will maintain, there are little stratagem you can exercise.

Property owner just does not have to generate a scorecard for what percent of neatness is acceptable, but you can observe wide array of things during monthly visits.

At the time of meetings, you may prop-up simple methods to find this out, such as observing how tidy the vehicles and luggage of the applicant’s are.

People who keep their belongings neatly are also likely to keep your rented property utter.

Apart from these five techniques, there are also other tangible signs that will help you keep bad potential tenants at distance.

All you need is to be a little street smart and proactive in taking actions.





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