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Reasons for a premium luxury property to include a Drone video in listing

Reasons for a premium luxury property to include a Drone video in listing

“54% watch real estate videos for general information about a particular home.”

86% of homebuyers use videos to learn more about the community they’re considering moving to.”

So drones are changing the real estate.

Aerial photography broadens the reach of an agent’s property listing.

Owning a luxury home is the dream of everyone.

Alike general residential properties, luxury amenities are characterized by their spectacular features. It includes both – Ultra & Mid luxury houses.

However, this discussion is about how drone dramatically helps creating the impact required to sell a costly piece of real estate, rather on which home can be quantified as luxury or which cannot.

Drone photography and video pays huge dividends that outrages its original cost.

Whether you can hire a job or buy it, options are available.

Some realtors claim that drones are the most revolutionary technology entering real estate market since the Internet.

Let us take a brief tour on how drones are useful to facilitate sales proceedings for an elite home.

1. Drone can out-market the competition

Alike other devices and tools, Drone captured conscious photos & videos introducing various parts of home deliver converting effect.

Selling a luxury oriented real estate property is one of the most challenging projects in today’s business.

Because competition is brutal. And condition is that prospect should fall under rich class people.

Online listings generate most of the leads as property buyers begin hunting through internet only.

Pixel-perfect drone videos put on

  • website
  • webinar
  • road-side banners etc.

can stand your listing out from the pack.

Gone are the days of hiring a helicopter.

Packed with high-quality camera equipment, Drones have 10 times the maneuverability of a proficient helicopter.

2. Drone helps you to show specific footage

For luxury amenity, you want to sell more than a house. And Drone helps you sell that thing, i.e. lifestyle.

Annoying thing most brokers are facing is that they need a way to market the property to the best advantage possible.

Exploring the luxury features from a bird’s eye view provides a sense of scale.

Camera drones and their ground-based version, Glidecams, can be utilized to showcase inside views of a home from nuances.

3. Create more interesting virtual tours

“Real estate is the 2nd largest industry using Drones in US.”

A camera drone has ability to fly into a home right from its front door, and can travel throughout every room, essentially creating a more natural tour than station-based photography can.

Combined with a distinguishable sound track, virtual tours create beautiful visual stories, enriched with information and real world objects.

The flowing, whole-house motion tours generated as ultra HD can rival a Hollywood movie and incur bulk of inquiries even for a high-end amenity.

4. Out-market the competition

“Almost 80% of all web traffic is expected to be driven purely by video by 2018.”

It’s a well-known fact that listings that look better and provide detail sell better.

A drone can show prospective buyers what it’s like from the driveway, how far the other house is and ground space from different angles.

Agents can focus and highlight add-on facilities provided as exaggerated means for your luxury property by creating Drone tours of relevant parts.

  • swimming pool
  • gym
  • mini theatre etc.

Unless you elaborately show, visitor is not going to come to know or will not be attracted for site visit.

“Almost Wrap Up
Estimated number of Drones that were purchased on Christmas 2015 are 4,00,000 drones.

People highly share Drone videos and real buyers always demand that, as it allows them to decide with less number of site visits.

“Almost Hiring a drone job or purchasing it is recommended for real estate firms & solicit brokers, specially for high-end amenities as it strengthens marketing flank and increases customer reach.



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