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Why is Realty Shine so Important in a Real Estate Scenario?

Realty Shine is a perfectly crafted app for Real Estate Agents/Brokers to ease their business at the same time permitting them to work in a more organised fashion. This app aids you to find potential clients by providing you leads. Any property can be added or deleted from this app instantly. You can easily organise meetings with your clients, check payment status with this app.


This is a property CRM system that aids brokers to:

  • Enhances the chances of potential clients being converted into real clients.
  • Retains the current customers.
  • Paces up the sales cycles.
  • Saves time in routine clerical affairs.

The Realty Shine CRM system enables to provide data on what the visitors are looking for like a plot, flat or a commercial property of a specific size falling under particular region. It lists down all the properties that matches the description that the client is searching on your website. Reality shine app comes with auto replies on mails of the potential clients along with the details of the property they are looking for.

Reasons for Choosing Realty Shine:

Customer Relationship:

As we all know customer is the king, developing a deep bond with them becomes inevitable if you don’t want them to lose to your rivals. Reality shine does that for you, by sending them the details of any property that they are searching, directly to them or wishing them on their special occasions by keeping a log of those dates. A lot of queries arise when one searches for the properties on web sites, Reality shine helps them solve till the extent possible, which reduces half of your job or the need to keep any employee for that.

Enhancing Sales:

Reality shine organises your customers, properties, keeps a tab on the meetings, the status of the meetings, any conversation and conclusions of the meetings. It sends mails to the clients regarding any offer or availability of any property that they might be interested in. A 24*7 interaction with the clients, makes them feel wanted and they are more inclined to transact with you because of your service. This will definitely retain the existing clients plus convert the potential ones.

Enhanced Business Performance:

Reality shine keeps a complete tab on business activities like sales, employees performance, costs, profitability, lost customers, customer grievances, the time taken to solve the customer grievances, any unfulfilled demands of the clients, the customer feedbacks, etc. All this data is drawn out via reports which make it easier to analyse what the business is lacking and can repair it immediately. A lot of clerical work has been taken over by the CRM software, which provides enough time for some productive work, hence increasing business efficiency.

Automated Functioning:

The CRM takes over handling the customers, setting meetings, updating status of the meetings, updating the available properties in the web site, storing all the relevant property documents safely, etc. Saving on routine jobs by a simple yet accurate software, keeps you on your toes for the more important tasks. CRM enables automated follow-ups with the clients and keep them posted with a similar property that is available which they might be interested in, which manually takes a lot of time and may not be even accurate.

Consistency in Managing Things:

Machines are known for their consistency; it will do the exact same action repeatedly without getting tired and are completely reliable. This ensures that the above activities be taken care of all the time without a break, till its program is changed. Consistent input means consistent output which leads to higher conversions.

Customised Service to Clients:

When the customer visits your site, it inputs the details that he wants like the location, the type, furnished or naked, the area of the property, the nearby facilities, etc. If one goes through manual matching of the list of such properties with the available ones, it will take a huge amount of time and may not be even accurate. Meanwhile, the client will get frustrated and leave. But CRM helps you filter such properties instantly and list it in front of the client.

Mandatory to stay on top of Competition:

Most of the real estate agents are depending upon such software as they realise it makes their job way easier than manually searching for them. So, if you are not updated as per the technology, soon you will be thrown out of work.

Extra Services Offered:

Reality Shine enables you to keep in contact with other service providers too like certified and professional plumbers, carpenters, drivers, cooks, maids, etc so that you can impress your clients by shoving in their contacts immediately when required.

Absolutely Cost Effective:

Compared to the benefits that it provides and the amount of work it does compared to the salary of your permanent employee, it is really cheap. It will very soon wipe out the cost by creating opportunities to crack a deal with the clients.

Challenges faced while using Realty Shine:

Though Reality Shine provides great benefits, some points seem worth to be noted.

  • Time taking process.
  • Lead scoring feature is mandatory which was not there.
  • Traditional means of getting leads and storing information.

It compromised the very purpose why it was needed in the first place, i.e, to swiftly provide leads. Therefore an updated version is in dire need with user friendly and appealing interface that can be operated via mobiles.

Solutions brought about by Realty Shine:

Considering the above challenges, RealtyShine provided the following solutions:

  • Updating the software with multimedia graphics that promises real clients.
  • Brand filtering is possible through a systematic content strategy based upon storytelling, SEO, and keywords.
  • Realty Shine is quite responsive and works across devices and operating systems.
  • The system adds up so many different plugins on top of an already present flexible software helping track of web analytics and activities giving a super control on the entire system.

Backend improvisation as seen in Realty Shine:

RealtyShine’s CRM is environment friendly as it allows its operation from anywhere in the world.

  • Create and use CRM data from the website after signing up.
  • Search interest via key phrases that are most commonly used by the visitors.
  • Generate auto e-mail from CRM to keep in touch with the clients.
  • Check those properties that is being constantly viewed by the clients/prospective clients
  • Keep a check on leads that keep re-visiting.
  • Reduces calls to uninterested parties.
  • CRM automates the follow up to the interested parties.
  • Analyse how CRM helps in converting the leads.

How to Make Your Home Shine out on Realty Shine when on SALE?

Any product could be sold if it is marketed accurately. If you want to get a buy click on your property, certain tips will make it easier as to how to make it available for sale in the market and how to click pictures to showcase it for sale.

  • Get your house a photographer!

All your house needs is a professional photographer who will take the best pictures of your house in the way it appears magical to make the potential buyer fall in love with it at first sight. The user spends more time viewing the photos of how the house is in reality as that creates a lasting image in his mind. Therefore, the house needs to be gift wrapped to enhance the feeling of curiosity.

So, first of all be honest enough and do not hide the loopholes with temporary editing. Rather get it fixed first before you think to sell it. Since the client will not approve it once he sees it in real. Take efforts to repair the necessary parts, fill in the cracks and get it re-paint if necessary. Clear all the unnecessary filth lingering inside the house and simplify it so that the buyer has a clear idea how much space he is going to get if the objects are not lying around.

Then, put all your personal belongings inside, which should not face the camera, which does not have any relation with getting your house sold. Take any distractions away which might unnecessary create suspicion.

When the buyer sees those pictures, he should be able to seamlessly fall in love with it. He should be able to see himself with his family residing there. Only when he is able to do that will he actually able to go further into the details and descriptions. Eradicate all the negative items that might create a hindrance or a myth in the mind of the buyer.

  • First list it and then present it to the buyers

It’s time to list your house for sale. Let us understand there are certain things that put the buyer off in just a few seconds. This can be dangerous for your deal.

Here’s a quick and easy checklist:

  • Unclutter everything. There should be no loose items running here and there. All the tools should be properly kept in the tool box, the stationery items in a drawer, knives and spoons in the proper place in the kitchen or dining table properly arranged. The keys should be hanged in the key stand. All the clothes in the cupboard.
  • The floor should be free of any liquid, or any item just lying there to avoid any accidents that may cut the deal off.
  • The bathroom floor should be dry and clean with the toilet seat put down and all the toiletries in perfect places and not lying loose. It should smell great and nothing like a toilet.
  • Ensure there is no cooking when the visitors are there to avoid any mishaps.
  • Fill in the cracks because if there are many, it can be a deal breaker.
  • Fill the house with lights natural or the bulbs.
  • Keep the house clean with neat bead sheets and pillow covers. If possible fresh flowers in the vase. It sends positive vibes to the buyer.
  • Spray a nice scent in the house to create an aura of positivity for the buyer.
  • Fill them in with the plus points of the location and the helpful neighbours.
  • Keep the messy clothes in a basket in its place and not lingering around or hanged here and there out of place sending a negative impression to the buyer.
  • Neatly fold the clean clothes and put it into your cupboard which should not look unorganised if the buyer wishes to see it.
  • Be at your best behaviour and don’t use any foul language.

These are some of the tips that should be kept in mind when you know of any
buyer who is visiting and interested in buying. Be polite and gentle because they will also be judging you before your house. Sometimes the deal gets cancelled not because of the property but because they don’t like the attitude of the owner.

This is the actual shining reality behind Realty Shine!

With perfect photos that match the reality, your house will pretty much market itself, but there are other aspects too which must be discussed with your agent before you list your property. Do as much as you can to make your property saleable and then leave it to your agent to find the right buyer for it. Clear the terms and conditions beforehand with your agent with respect to the commission, the payment terms, terms of sale deed document, etc.

With Realty Shine, it has become easier to find the right property for right person or the right person for the right property.



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