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US $25 per month*

*Billed Annually-Save 60$

Or US$ 30 paid monthly

Contact Management

(Upto 5,000 Contacts)

Property Management

(Upto 2500 Active Properties)

Storage 5 GB

Email integration

Email templates

Email Campaigns

Property Matching

Reports and Analytics

Dashboard Overview

Document Management

Tasks and Reminders


Video Help

Website listing

integration with CRM

Google calendar integration

SEO Friendly website

Google Analytics

Mobile Apps

Social media integration


US $50 per month*

*Billed Annually-save 120$
Or US$ 60 paid monthly

You get all features

of Start Smart with ...

Contact Management
(Upto 20,000 Contacts)

Property Management
(Upto 10,000 Active Properties)

Storage  10 GB


Have a Big Team ?

Many offices ?

Need customized options ?

You get all features

of Pro Smart with ...

“Customization on Demand”

Our RS specialist will

help you with tailored

features and services to

match your requirements

We make sure you can

do everything you need with RS

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