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Website essentially acts as facade of your business.

Website is marketing brochure of an agent’s business that clients can see while seating in distant areas.

Conversions don’t occur solely on inquiries that came by footfalls.

Therefore, we, at RealtyShine are committed to create and deliver perfect website that meets all requirements specifically of Real Estate industry professionals to serve their future clients.

Please look into the screenshot to get an estimate for how much flexibility and depth we nurture in each property website to let visitor not bounce just because screen was cluttered or he could not retrieve needed building from many showcased.

Our versatile property locator component is to get you more inquiries.

Website must be interactive, our developed sites are.

Backoffice Integration – connect property CRM with your property website

It is good to possess engaging website for you as a broker but is of short if it does not give you

> details
> suggestions and
> statistics

For instance, you can manage activities  going on your website by navigating to CRM software – which is not possible otherwise with CMS.

In CRM, you can

> look into things like saved properties
> take actions such as sending of an e-mail to all those who signed up on your portal last week
> Monitor business continuously with compelling dashboard
> Schedule alerts etc..

Lead Capturing


Lead is someone who has filled inquiry form, at the least, for any one property on your real estate site or has presented interest.

Therefore, you/your website/your website provider should have created verbose lead capturing sections so that visitor is stimulated to submit information in it to get call from your end.

If your website cannot track these details, it is simply of no use because there is no other way to identify visitors.

Lead capturing is a call-to-action part on any webpage that arranges your meeting with client or allows an agent to take directly next level follow up as you receive words from prospects.

RealtyShine’s lead captivating functionality is implemented to send automated thanks to customer via SMS in real time, and matching properties are also e-mailed without you requiring to do anything.

360 degree property view

Vital job of a real estate broker is to answer various customer queries.
These queries include

> area measurements
> directions of doors and windows
> distances from famous landmarks and approximate travel time
> payment conditions for this property
> owner details who wants to sale this property
> photos of all parts of a building etc..

Undoubtedly, site visit is must and even after or before site visit, detailed brochure consistently reminds prospect.
RealtyShine develops websites for real estate sector professionals to enable them to show their visitors rich multimedia content and eye-catching

> pixel perfect real photos
> street view
> google map

etc. but not just simple text.
This lets your future clients  perceive and shortlist properties.
Visitors can download saved properties from their account on website to view offline.


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