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4 Things that no real estate CRM will serve to REAgents

4 Things that no real estate CRM will serve to REAgents

“Mortgage rates are expected to gradually rise in 2017, but remain below 5%.”

“While ownership is falling, renting is on the rise, with a 2.3% increase in renters in the US in 2016 and it’s expected to continue rising well into 2017.”

94% of buyers start their search online.

This means that real estate agents – including yourself – need to own and get a grip on a whole variety of tools to totally transform marketing and sales efforts.

Active Rain, the biggest online community that supports real estate brokers, tried to find out what differentiates between successful and an under performing real estate agent.

What they cognized:
“ “Richer” agents were eager to spend 6x more on technology and twice more likely to use customer relationship management (CRM).”

So, what is the rationale behind these numbers?
Whether you are a real estate broker, developer or franchise, you all know too well that real estate business is all about building relationships. It relies on personal connections heavily compared to other industries.

Although, real estate CRM solution available at your fingertips makes your work tenfold easier, it is your unique approach of working that earns valuable contacts.

General scenario is that an average real estate professional is totally overwhelmed with current referrals, portal leads, past clients etc. without getting any conversion.

If you are planning to add even more tools (without even knowing if they’re going to work out) to your plate, take a break.

Take a look back, and revamp the entire way you execute sales funnel to complete it up to an end.

Discrete loopholes an agent should check and ameliorate are given below to the best of my knowledge.


Yes, that’s where the answer lies.

A really good CRM package streamlines follow-up process but it is the user – you – who has to make best use of it.

At any stage, whether – starting of a new campaign or while convincing an existing inquiry, a broker has to consult righteous user interface which best serves immediate purpose.

You ought to get acquainted with different parts of CRM software brought for the firm.

It is a set of functional skills which you and fellow persons have to master to increase customer reach.

In the context of real estate industry, you need to get tight grip over components (or synonymous CRM tools) related to

  • property manager
  • calendar annotations
  • creation of useful custom reports
  • sub-brokers screens to monitor day-to-day performances


2. Real Estate CRM does NOT facilitate “virtual” way of closing

Because everyday real estate professional meets and deals with so many clients, they run a risk of getting lost in chunks of scattered data, which disallow to close any single deal to its fullest.

CRM notifications remind you about recurring events, and keep you engaged with a nurtured lead. Yet, you have to attend minimum transaction requirements like site visits and personal discussion.

An agent should be verbose in showcasing property details as prospect may be looking for specific issue or facility in a short listed building observed on your website.

If you are willing for little refitment for an amenity which takes you out of situation of starvation, put it forward before lead silently stops replying.

3. Configure Real Estate CRM settings to reduce the overhead, not increase it

Unknowingly, many agents create additional work. This defeats purpose of CRM which essentially lies in meaningful automation.

If you inject too many rules and much comprehensive number of reminders, severe tasks get mixed with non-severe activities.

Keep business pipeline short that is void of repetitive loops in case you are volumetric consultancy.

Also, keep legitimate level of linguistic elements between internal employees or for yourself.

For instance, if you attended to a phone call and made a note, write less symbolic comments that later on helps to pad out.

4. CRM solution is NOT mere replacement for customer care/human personnel

Understand what information you need and proceed accordingly.

For instance, cold call may be scheduled if your CRM possess this kind of built-in feature, but there is no guarantee that client will respond to it.

You have to interrupt and get back the required information.

As per recent trends, lead scoring is although added as artificial intelligence feature in cutting-edge CRM packages, you need to hunt everyday to grow property database from time-to-time.

The real estate CRM software can be substitution for automating various key aspects of customer relationship management, and gives you access to all collected information at one centric place no matter the location.

While the more complex tasks have to be performed by human entity leading to maximum customer satisfaction.

This, in turn, ensures optimized organizational performance, owing to the enhanced reputation and more conversions.

The best businesses in the world are built on relationships and scalable process, RealtyShine’s CRM platform gets you both, and helps you

  • connect
  • scale, &
  • flourish

existing as well as new contacts.



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