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Top 9 Reasons for a Real Estate Agents and Brokers to start using Real Estate Software

Top 9 Reasons for a Real Estate Agents and Brokers to start using Real Estate Software


  1. Earn More
    This is directly related to perfect and timely followups with your clients as well as keeping in touch with your old clients. Using CRM, you can automate emails, set reminders, make immediate responses, automatically send emails and much more.
  2. Nurture Relationships
    People don’t buy homes or offices everyday. They might forget you over the years. Keep in touch with them using automated birthday emails, anniversaries or some other interesting information.
    Keep notes from previous conversations with your client so next time you can start from where you left off.
  3. Business overview
    A good application gives you a 360 degree overview of your business in different aspects. From number of properties with status to Sales forecast and the each team member’s performance. Commission earned from where to what is shared with whom. No need to mention that it helps in getting focused to right directions.
  4. Close a Deal Faster
    As you get busy with marketing and meetings, Software application helps you to keep track of all tasks, from site visits to documents, important dates for clients and others who is involved, automated reminders by emails and SMS,
  5. Consistency
    With all the activities, you stay on top of people’s mind. Get repeat business and referrals. Set your routines without any stress on mind, let your application remember everything, still you never miss anything.
  6. Personalized Service
    When you note down every minor details like property view, furniture type, reserved parking, nearby public transport facilities, hospitals or schools or even maid room. From what your client is looking for, you can really show them the best matching property which would feel completely personalized. Using software you can not only shortlist but also revert back immediately
  7. Competitiveness
    If you are not using any CRM software application, you are losing your business to others without knowing. Majority of the Real Estate agents use software to manage database and information. Top earning agents spend more on their software over upgrades, customization and integrations. I am sure there is a reason behind it.
  8. It’s more than customer list
    You can manage all kinds of contacts, other than buyers and sellers. Carpenters, Electricians, Loan providers, handyman or even pest control service! Refer your clients with right people and follow up about their service feedback. You become one stop solution for anything and everything about property in your client’s minds. That’s one of the most powerful way to give and grow.
  9. It’s Cheap
    Yes, it’s not expensive at all. With shared resources on cloud and leveraged experience of experienced software developers, it starts as low as about 25$ a month. That’s certainly lower than your morning breakfast cost or monthly coffee expenses.

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